wow much do you hate justin bieber?

"There are many lovers of beaver (bieber), bur many true haters. True haters is quit cool, and i am very impressed. What a true hater? A true hater is when you hate him so much."

"Are YOU a true hater? do you have the hate to qualify (qualifying score 70%)? Until now you have the chance to find out how much you love him or hate him. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes, then you will find out!"

Created by: rio jones

  1. do you think Justin Beaver is a clumsy idiot!
  2. is beaver on any drugs (maybe cannabis)
  3. where does justin beaver live?
  4. is it true that justin beaver is a pop singer?
  5. is justin beaver a good singer
  6. Do u hang posters on your walls or above your bed of him?
  7. Would you rather have Justin as your BF, just a friend, like a brother, or NOT ANYTHING!!
  8. Do you know all of Justin's songs??
  9. Do you already have a BF?
  10. Have you met Justin? (be truthful, this doesn't help your your score!)

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Quiz topic: Wow much do I hate justin bieber?