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  • I am 11 years old and it says that my parents are getting a divorce! I am not suprised. my parents have been fighting ALOT!!! I am emotionally damiged. I will start to support my 9 year old sister more.

  • I was hoping I was going to get better and that I was just worrying about nothing..

  • Ok they are so wrong. I know for a fact that they are getting a divorce, so don't lie to me.

    • Did you answer everything correctly? They can't actually see what's happening, they're just making an informed guess. I am sorry your parents are getting a divorce. mine are too. it sucks.

    • I'm sorry you guys are going through something so hard it's not exactly easy for anyone who going through this. for me I don't want to go to California i want to stay here but then ill have to live with my mom but if I go to California then I'm with my dad

  • Nope 85%

    Livi cool
  • Nope! but then yes is not far off...

    Seawing kid

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