Are you worthy of Dean Winchester?

"Supernatural" is a show featuring the Winchester brothers: Sam and Dean. This quiz is for the fangirls. How well do you know Dean? Are you worthy of him?

This quiz was created by the staff at supernatural fans We hosted a crossover event of "The Bachelor: Winchester Style", to find the best match for the boys.

Created by: Janet

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  1. Dean is afraid of what?
  2. Complete the following quote: "Drivers picks the music, shotgun shuts his..."
  3. Dean's most prized possession is...
  4. Dean told Sammy "Your girlfriend is a b----" because...
  5. Did Dean hide Sam's laptop in "Tall Tales"
  6. In "Route 666" we meet Dean's ex-girlfriend Cassie. They broke up because:
  7. In "In my time of Dying" Dean wore...
  8. Which band is Dean likely to make fun of?
  9. "What do you mean I didn't pack provisions?"... what provisions did Dean pack?
  10. How much does Dean love Sam?

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Quiz topic: Am I worthy of Dean Winchester?