Which supernatural brother are you?

many people think that they are like dean winchester or sam winchester but, really... what do you know?! most people think that just because their favourite brother is like them in one aspect or maybe two but maybe really you are just like the REBEL dean or the good boy sam. do you prefer relationships or flings? are you romantic or spontaneous? realy think and answer these questions truthfully and you might be surprised!!! are you really like dean winchester??? think about it really hard, funny relaxed, problem free and carefree? maybe you should think twice, you probably are like sam winchester. stressed, tight, usually would be humorous but has something happened that has turned you tight as an a$$hole? you never know, there could be something deep deep down that you dont know about! ok guys im sorry if all these words ar putting you off taking my quiz but when i saw that it said it has to be atleast 150 words im like ohhh my gosh!

ok guys please take the quiz, dont let my fumbling words put you off taking this fabulous quiz! im sure you ALL want to know which brother you are... i know that you all have your favourites, everyone does so seriously take the quiz and im not telling you again! actually... yes i am going to tell you again, take this great quiz! ok guys, again i am really sorry about this, i cant write something smart about a quiz even though i made it but really, this quiz is sooooo cool! its my favourite quiz ive made so far and i reckon that its pretty damn cool for a quiz like this. it will leave you thinking... (it sure made me think hard, while i was thinking about my answers when i was creating it!!!) do one truthfully and then do a few with some made up answers, and try to see if you can answer the questions so that you can be your favourite brother! ok, again im sorry about my fumbling words and my bad vocabulary:P o really hope it doesnt put you off!

Created by: eliza
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  1. you go to a party and there's a really hott guy/girl ther flirting with you, what do you do?
  2. something supernatural is around and you dont know what it is, what weapons would you take?
  3. your dad goes missing while hunting and gives you instructions which you are to strictly follow and not to go looking for him, what would you do?
  4. there is a problem that fits with your job and your ex has pleaded you to help them, what do you do
  5. there are ignorant people going out to hunt what they think is a bear but it is really a supernatural ass-hole that has taken one of their siblings, what do you say to them
  6. there is a really hott girl who has a supernatural problem and she needs your help, what do you do?!
  7. your brother has been killed and you were his guardian, you have gone to make a deal with a demon and they said you cannot have 10yrs but only 1yr and you will go to hell but your adviser, bobby has told you NOWAY, what do you do!
  8. there are a series of plane crashes that have crashed exactly 40mins into the flight, the only way to kil te demon who is doing it is to go on the plane... the only problem is your older brother is scared to death of flying planes, what do you do!!!
  9. do you like brown longish hair or brown fairy short har (for a guy)
  10. do you want to get married?

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Quiz topic: Which supernatural brother am I?