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This is my fourth attempt in making a love story lie, and HOPEFULLY I will continue this one. Please tell me if you enjoyed this, criticism is welcome :)

Sam and Dean Winchester. Two of the most gorgeous guys on this earth, hunt monsters that you once believed to be just a fairytale. However, as you soon find out, this is not true.

Created by: Mrs. Winchester

  1. The sound of footsteps echo behind you as you run down the dark street. You see your breath in front of you as it quickens, the cold air seems to suffocate you. The lights of the buildings seem to blend together as you go faster, trying to lose your follower. Up ahead, you spot a alley, and you quickly turn the corner and hide behind the nearest dumpster. The footsteps fall back and your heart slows down, at least for a moment. You hear a loud huff at the entrance of the alley and you hold your breath. The quiet footsteps slowly creep up on you, and you close your eyes, accepting what is about to happen to you.
  2. You never thought it would end like this. You know, your life. It was going so well, everything seemed fine. Except for that one fateful day. Maybe thats why God has sent this stranger to punish you. Maybe you weren't the saint you claimed to be, and he has come to drag you down to the underworld. You never ment to hurt anyone, never ment for that family to feel the pain they're feeling. You feel a small tear escape your eyes. You haven't felt one in years, you stopped caring. You thought, maybe if you couldn't feel anything, you could be a better person. Well, weren't you wrong?
  3. The footsteps get closer to you, and they suddenly stop. You dont dare to move, knowing that hes stil there, possibly knowing that you are behind that dumpster. More water comes drip down your cheeks and you take a shakey breath in. You realize your mistake and cover your mouth as quick as you can. The footsteps pick up again, and you see the stalker pass your hiding spot. He stops in front of you, and you squeeze further back in your corner. You can tell its a man by the way he's standing. He has his back towards you, looking behind some trash, looking for you. He seems to be growing impatient, as he picks up a heavy trashcan and hurls it at the wall, barely missing your head. Trash explodes everywhere, the smell of rotten fish cascades over your body, and you try not to throw up your dinner.
  4. The man walks to the end of the alley, out of your sight, and, hopefully, you are also out of his sight, as you quietly stand up and press your body against the wall, slowing walking away. But, as you expected, he spotted you. He yells at you and starts to run in your direction. You whip around and begin to run, but before you get the chance to, he tackles you to the ground. You scream for help, but you have no luck. He turns your body around and you see his face for the first time. You recoginze this face. His nose. His eyes. He's your brother. You ask, you beg why he's doing this to you. He doesnt respond to you. He just smiles, his yellow teeth staring down at you.
  5. He gets up off of you, but you're too scared to move. He takes a few steps back, never leaving your gaze. He grins once again, and bends over in pain. A growl escapes his lips and he throws his head back, hands out stretched. He falls to his knees in front of you, and looks deep into your eyes. Your heart speeds up, and you feel like your going to pass out. You dont know what's going on, but you know it is no good, for you or for him. He brings his hand to his ear, and, you dont believe your eyes. He throws his ear at you. The flesh touches your body, and you scream like you have never screamed before. He just laughs at you, as he tears off more of his flesh, and throws it to the ground. You just stare at him in pure horror and he doesnt even care. It doesnt seem like it hurts him. You're gagging, unable to stop crying. You want to look away, but the mere fact that he's peeling off his skin like it's nothing, makes you keep looking.
  6. He stops, his head down. You cough and his head looks up and he crawls over to you. You try to scoot back, but the pants you're wearing are doing more harm than good. He grabs your ankle, blood staining everywhere he touches. He pulls you up to his blood soaked body. You can feel every muscle benaeth your clothes, and you close you eyes and look away from him. He grumbles that it wont help, and he touches your face. A searing, hot, white flash of pain zooms through your body. You open your mouth to scream, but nothing comes out. You lose all feeling and go limp in his arms. He laughs and drops you to the ground. He stands up, and looks down at you with happiness and disgust. His body starts to shiver and shake, and within seconds, you're no longer looking at a man. You're looking at yourself. You stare in shock as you see yourself bend down towards you face. You ask how, what are you, who are you?
  7. "This is for my brother. the one you ran over, and drove off like it was nothing. He died, now you die." He brings his hands to your neck and you're body tenses up. You close your eyes. nodding your head in agreement. You hold your breath, and get ready for the blackness. However, it never comes, his nails rip away from you, and you hear a gunshot. You open your eyes and stare into the bright, blue eyes of your savior.
  8. Ok, that's all I have so far....these next questions are more personality have fun...
  9. What's your favorite (or near to favorite) food?
  10. Favorite weapon of choice?
  11. Sorry for the spellings mistakes...I copied and pasted this one, and it didn't have spell check. Thanks for taking this! Should I continue?

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