How much do you know Secrets & Love

So, I hear you read the story known as "Secrets & Love". But the question is how much do you know about the story. If you read it is shouldn't be TOO hard.

The story is filled with many secrets and it was YOUR job to figure them all out. Some questions might get a bit tricky, but if you enjoyed the story; 100% is not that far away.

Created by: Kevin Garcia

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  1. Ch.1 Where does Yuki learn Hinata's name?
  2. Ch.2 What happened after Yuki took Hinata home?
  3. Ch.3 Where did Yuki traveled to after the event at the date?
  4. Ch.4 Why did Yuki miss his flight?
  5. Ch.5 When did Arisa kissed Yuki? (Gotta read carefully to see when it happened)
  6. Ch.6 Why was Hinata in the hospital?
  7. Ch.7 What information was told in the story but never was heard of again? (Read the whole story carefully to know)
  8. Ch.8 In the Blue Mark's base; did Hinata win or lose the game before leaving? Also, what is the cashier's name?
  9. Ch.9 Yuki and Sakura didn't train. What did they know to do? (Sakura)
  10. Ch.9 (prt2) Same as the previous, but for Yuki.
  11. Ch.10 How well do Yuki and Arisa do in school? (Read carefully to know the answer)
  12. Ch.11 Who is Yuki's father?
  13. Ch.0 What is Jack's birth last name?

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