Are you Sofia or Sabrina

Hi I am hopeing you love my quiz I love them and I might do more quizs lather on but for now I just made this quiz I did not know what quiz to make so I made this quiz

And I really really hope you love takeing this quiz as much as loved making this know this quiz might not be great but I loved it and I really hope you love it

Created by: Disneyraps

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  1. What’s your favorite color
  2. What Disney Channel show do you like more
  3. Which movie would you rather watch
  4. Who would you rather meet
  5. Would you rather your bday be on
  6. How old are you
  7. Do you like
  8. Did you go to fan fest
  9. What age would you rather be
  10. Did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I Sofia or Sabrina