Who are you in sofia the first

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so, i was bored and decided to make my first quiz! a sofia the first quiz! i won't hint at who you might be because then you may not answer honestly.

i love sofia the first!!! please comment, what would be awesome is if you could name your favorite in the show in your comment, and try to be nice, it is my first quiz after all! so, enjoy the quiz! peace!!!!!!!

Created by: amber-cedric
  1. fav hobbie
  2. what gets on your nerves the most
  3. fav song(s) in the show
  4. fav character
  5. fav animal
  6. what do you want to do when you grow up?
  7. who would be your best friend if you lived in enchancia?
  8. make it be your song! everything seems crazy big and-
  9. fav face!
  10. what would you say about this quiz?
  11. bye!

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Quiz topic: Who am I in sofia the first