how well do you know the curse of princess ivy

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so the new sofia the first special just aired on nov. 23 and i am super excited! so i decided to do a quiz on it, no one else has, so now if you want to see if your a genius or a super genius on this show you've come to the right spot!

the correct answers aren't in the same place every time, so just answer what you think and you'll see your true knowledge of this new show! this my second quiz so it might be really really bad. please comment and say your favorite character in the show and your favorite part! good luck!

Created by: cedric the sorcerer
  1. what game is sofia playing at the beginning of the show?
  2. what princess does Amber bring up when Sofia tells about the amulet's powers?
  3. how long does amber think about stealing the amulet?
  4. who does amber ask the amulet to bring?
  5. what does ivy call amber's hair?
  6. what does ivy call sofia?
  7. why does ivy want to destroy the amulet?
  8. what do ivy's dragonflies do?
  9. who do the girls go to for help after ivy gets the amulet?
  10. what is the only way to destroy the amulet?
  11. who drives the flying coach?
  12. whats the name if the place they need to go called?
  13. did sofia, amber and cedric het there before ivy?
  14. how did they find out where everburn was?
  15. who looses they're memory when they find ivy with everburn?
  16. who helps the girls when they fall in a crack while running from ivy?
  17. who does rapunzel spend the most time with?
  18. what does ivy do to sofia and amber's family?
  19. when sofia, amber and cedric get back to the castle, what does ivy do first?
  20. how does ivy get sent away and the curse is finally broken?
  21. what is the last thing amber remembers?
  22. how does the show end?
  23. now some extra questions!!!!!
  24. what are roland and miranda celebrating on the day the show happens?
  25. does sofia sing in this?
  26. cedric gets zapped how many times?
  27. we find out that 2 characters have sisters, who are they?
  28. this is the _ special in the series
  29. how does clover try to wake up sofia after amber stole it?
  30. bailywick tells roland "you know who" is sitting next to who?
  31. that is the name of the group of dragons that sings for cedric, sofia and amber?
  32. what do ivy's butterflies do?
  33. what does ivy call her butterflies?
  34. hope you enjoyed the quiz!!!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the curse of princess ivy