Are You REALLY A Fan Of Sofia the First?

Do you love Sofia the First? Well you're about to find out!! No matter you age anyone can find this show adorable! There are so many great characters and plots for the episodes, you can't help but love it!

Do YOU think you are a real fan? Or is it just one of your kids or siblings favorite shows? I know for me it's the first one! Just a fun fact, I am Amber-Cedric and Cedric the Sorcerer now I'm CedricAmber for good lol. Enjoy my quiz...

Created by: Cedric/Amber
  1. Ok, we'll start out with some questions about the show its self: How did Sofia become a princess?
  2. How many siblings does she have?
  3. Who are Sofia's animal friends?
  4. Who is the Royal Sorcerer?
  5. Where does Sofia go to school?
  6. Who teaches this school?
  7. Ok, now we'll do more personal questions: Do you have ALL the songs memorized?
  8. Do you have at least ONE playset and/or doll of a character?
  9. Do you have a favorite episode and character?
  10. Do you have over 100 pics stored on you iPod/iPhone/device?
  11. Do you have some of those pics on your home screen/lock screen most of the time?
  12. Do you search for Fanfics about it?
  13. Do you write fanfics? On paper or for a site.
  14. Now, just for fun, who's your favorite character(s)? (This won't affect your score)
  15. Are you constantly checking the Wiki to see when the next new episode will air?
  16. Do you look for YouTube videos?
  17. How did you find out about the show?
  18. Oops! I forgot some about the show: what is the rhyme for the Amulet of Avalor?
  19. What are the blessing the amulet's given?
  20. What curses has it given?
  21. Well, I hope you enjoyed the quiz! Please comment and rate! :)

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY A Fan Of Sofia the First?