Do you know Sofia the first.

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Do you love Sofia the First? Well you're about to find out!! No matter you age anyone can find this show adorable! There are so many great characters and plots for the episodes, you can't help but love it!

Do YOU think you are a real fan? Or is it just one of your kids or siblings favorite shows? I know for me it's the first one! Just a fun fact, I am Amber-Cedric and Cedric the Sorcerer now I'm CedricAmber for good lol. Enjoy my quiz....!

Created by: Vivian
  1. Who is Sofia’s real father?
  2. Who is princess Amber and prince James real mother?
  3. What does princess Amber like?
  4. What does prince James like?
  5. What does princess Sofia like?
  6. What does queen Miranda like?
  7. What does King Roland like?
  8. Which pet do you think 🤔 this pet is?Clue : LikesSofia, food (especially carrots and blueberries), eating, being stroked, cannonballs, pies, helpingCuddling (except with Sofia), fire (formerly), food thieves, being kicked out, loud gargling, Sofia
  9. What does Prince Hugo like?
  10. Who is Princess Sofia’s first boyfriend?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Sofia the first.