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Hello everyone 👋 , I am creating a quiz on do you know Sofia the first, this quiz is really really easy. (Well if see Sofia the first). I hope 🤞 you like my quiz.

Sofia the First is an animated show about an 8-year-old girl who suddenly becomes a princess! This quiz was created at the behest of my three-year-old granddaughter, my very own personal princess.

Created by: Hildegard
  1. The theme song of "Sofia the First", sung by Sofia, tells us she was a commoner until "I became a Princess overnight". How did THAT happen?
  2. Sofia has two siblings, Amber and James. What's special about her new brother and sister?
  3. Sofia has several animals that are dear to her, but one in particular (possibly a friend of Thumper, Benjamin, or Peter) is especially precious in her eyes. Who is he?
  4. What is the magical item Sofia keeps with her at all times?
  5. What power is conferred upon Sofia when she carries her magical item with her?
  6. What characters, previously introduced to to the world in an animated classic movie, are Sofia's teachers at the school of royalty where she learns "Princess etiquette"?
  7. Running a castle is a lot of work! Who manages the castle and keeps everyone on the right track, from the king right down to the most humble servant?
  8. Every royal family needs a sorcerer on its payroll. What is the name of the magic man in Sofia's castle?
  9. Who are Ruby and Jade?
  10. Sofia befriends a young witch who causes lots of trouble for villagers and royalty alike. What is the name of this reformed little witch- a name shared with a member of a love triangle in the book "Don Quixote"?

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