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  • There are some wrong answers, and also you cannot spell (it's Slovakia, not Slavakia)! So whoever does this quiz is definitely smarter than the quiz master.

    13. Japanese is a language, so all on this list are languages.

    14. If you're saying 3, the answer is 23. Continental "North america" if you're also separating out Central America and the Carribean, it's 2. Otherwise it's inclusive of Central and Carribean (the true "North America" definition). Which is 23 countries, and 17 dependent states.

  • This is completely crazy. The first time I did this quiz and looked up and thought about every question b4 answering it I was some 35% smarter than the average American.

    The second time I just hit a random button for any question without looking at the question and it gave a result that I was still 21% smarter than the average American.

    So the average American is extremely stupid or the test is stupid.

    You just try it. Hit any random button and see if you're still smarter compared to the average American

  • This is a extremely misleading quiz. It should be called do you know history better then Americans. Not are you smarter. Put some math in there and then call me back.

  • I got an 88%. Now they think I'm from Japan or France just because I know geography better than the average American. I am actually from Germany.

  • I got 80%, and I would have gotten 100 had it not been the case that a number of questions, most blatantly number 14, had no correct answer.

    E Lunatic

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