Are you smarter than the average American

That was fun I guess. I wasted some valuable life time doing this and it was obviously wasted. I was too lazy to worry about most spelling areas and if you don't believe me, tough nubbs for you and your crowd of iranian followers and.

Are YOU trying to copy the example of this quiz, well do you have what it takes to annoy me and this is a very prestigious honor and blah blah blah, isn't this thing boring as heck!!

Created by: dave
  1. How many states are in the continental USA?
  2. Who is the leading trading partner with the USA?
  3. Where is carson city located (without cheating)?
  4. If you are impeached, you...?
  5. If I were to leave Independence and head north, what city could I run into?
  6. What continent is Turkey located on?
  7. What continent is Russia located on?
  8. If I were in Afghanistan and I wanted to go to Phum Penh Cambodia, which direction would I go?
  9. Which country is the smallest?
  10. Which is not located in Asia?
  11. All of the following are condiments except for?
  12. If I am in Sri Lanka, what country am I closest to?
  13. Which is not a language?
  14. How many countries are there in North America?
  15. What country is near Estonia to the north?
  16. What language do they mainly speak in Uruguay?
  17. Which country doesn't border Romania?
  18. What is the capital of Canada?
  19. Do they have electricity in United Arab Emirates?
  20. Does everyone but Britain, US, China and Japan suffer in great poverty?
  21. Is the country of Morocco located on the east or west end of Asia?
  22. Asia is the largest country in the world.
  23. If you combine the colors of red and yellow get pink?
  24. Peanuts come from trees.
  25. What is the green house effect?

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than the average American