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  • This is stupid. You only put down youtubers you like and if people don't watch them you automatically assume they don't watch anyone's videos. Also watching peoples videos does not make you a youtuber.

    ElixiaYT Nov 29 '15, 12:30PM
  • Here look at these YouTubers
    Bart Baker
    SpankieValen tineTv
    Dram aticParrot
    Daily Brocolli

    Crysta Oct 22 '15, 7:40AM
  • uhhhh okay then. 74% ..... you only mentioned youtubers you like, I like dan , tyler , Anthony , shane , o2l and all tht other shat. but its just a quiz FAWC IT

    braeee Apr 6 '15, 3:21PM
  • Umm teresa22, he doesn't have the most subscribers... Pewdiepie does

    chomikk Aug 18 '13, 10:17PM
  • Awesome quiz! I was ashamed to only know about two of the people mentioned in the quiz, but I will certainly go and look some of them up!

    JessicaLestrange Nov 17 '12, 11:03AM
  • Barley political doesn't have a parody channel. Also, you only put people YOU like. Also, why are they all Caucasian youtubers? =_= Ryan Higa has the most subscribers on youtube, where's he?

    Teresa22 Nov 17 '12, 11:03AM

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