Are You READY to Own a Dog?

There are too many animals being left out and given up upon. We have to do something about it and decrease the cases. Thus, I have chosen this subject as my project because I think that its important to create this awareness to people like me and you.

This quiz further emphasize the responsibility; time; commitment; patience and all there is to take care of a dog. Yes, you may think that's its only an animal, but it has feelings too you know? Therefore, you got much to think about!

Created by: Regina
  1. Is there enough space in your house for a dog to walk around freely?
  2. Have you check with the management if you can keep your IDEAL Dog?
  3. Are you sure you are able to handle the dog?
  4. Are you going to abandon your pet in the future if it is too much to handle?
  5. Do you travel often? Or do you work/study for very long hours and get home very late?
  6. Are you buying the dog for a child?
  7. Do you have a tight budget?
  8. Are you ready to make a commitment to a pet for its entire life?
  9. Do you have other pets at home? Will it get along with the other one?
  10. Do you have the patience and discipline to care for a puppy or a new dog?

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Quiz topic: Am I READY to Own a Dog?