What religion are you?

if you are thinking about taking this quiz you made a good choice but you must realize that this is very accurate and might frighten you so get ready and here we go! if this quiz is not right for you please take another and thank you for your time

are you ready to take my quiz if so this will scare you to the point that you will scream though im just kidding it will be very scary but i think that you will make it i have faith in you so get ready and here we go

Created by: chad

  1. how many times do you pray?
  2. Do you fast for a Month
  3. DO you believe Jesus is the son of god
  4. what is your race?
  5. do you eat pigs?
  6. do you Worship more than one god
  7. are you the Anti-Christ
  8. what are your Parents?
  9. Whats the name of your god
  10. Do you support gay marriage

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Quiz topic: What religion am I?