Which character from Clash at Creeden R U???

On Novus Atlantis, the darkest purgatory prison ever, only the strongest lost souls can ever hope to survive the Final Judgment, before the one true Savior! However, where your strength radiates from will help change your currently dim fate. Where your Faith stands determines your ultimate destiny. In 3776 AD, you have only three choices... Zeus Enlil and his Celestial Creed, Jesus Christ and his Christianity, or the black death Canis Ramstar (Lucifer) provides. Make a choice!

Does your soul and Faith in a "missing in action" Christ have what it takes to be a Warrior Apostle under the Phenix and three Hyramz? Or, do you prefer the Titan Lord Zeus Enlil and his concrete Celestial Creed as your religion? If Jesus is your preference, your Faith in Christ must be 100% & your strength of will power should never fade. After all, that is why you are here, at the threshold of redemption, to see if you can, or are worthy of, the title: Warrior Apostle! If not, Warlord Canis Ramstar (Lucifer) and his Fuhrer Histler (Hitler) will consume your soul and you will never see the light of any Heaven.

Created by: Scorpius

  1. If turned into a retched vampirical, would you give into the intense thirst for flowing blood and kill ravenously?
  2. After death your soul can still see... on your right, Jesus Christ appears to you on the cross below his Heaven. On the left, Zeus Enlil appears within blinding light from Nibiru. Who do you chose as your Lord and Savior?
  3. Pharaoh Canis Ramstar (Lucifer) and Fuhrer Histler (Hitler) offer you a powerful position within their SS Vampiricalz & Blitzcreed, as a General, for an assault on Heaven. Do you take the job?
  4. Define your level of devotion to your religious/spiritual cause/belief...
  5. To prove your Faith correct, assure your position of power, and to unite a tribe of chosen people... would you fight your own blood + brother to the possible death?
  6. Which nation of Novus Atlantis do you support?
  7. On a scale from 1-10, how much do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
  8. Which is your favorite color and /or combo out of these choices?
  9. Would you sacrifice time, possibly your life, with your family (wife & kids) to go to "Religious War"?
  10. Chose an astrology sign that you feel closest to...

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