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  • LOVE the "Will it get along with any other pet(s)?"..."Nope, it's destructive & I'm buying (the new one) to be it's target!"...EXCELLEN T!...Yes, I got a ZERO on purpose just to see what it would say to people who answered them all like that-HEEE!...O.K.- honestly, you should have a secondary comment for people like me who took it just to see what kind of humor YOU had! ;D

  • Good not much else to say,but the one about other pets needs a"does not matter I will only have this one".

    Chu Chuu
  • I got 96%, I'm 14 and reaalllyy want a dog. I hope that after showing my mom that I'm ready for it she'll be convinced :)

  • I am 81% ready to get a dog! I really want one! My mom had a yorkie, but she doesn`t want another dog.

    Water AHHH
  • I want to get a mini pug, a black one!! they are sooooo cute!


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