Are You Pretty Quiz

Are you pretty? Take this quiz and find out, the quiz is based on your facial features. Everyone is pretty, but just how pretty? Find out with this quiz!

What type of pretty are you? Stunning, Beautful- But don't know it, Above Average, Or Average. Find out in just a few minutes with this wonderful quiz.

Created by: Birgen
  1. Do you have high cheekbones!
  2. How would you describe your eyes? (I tried to make the answers more funish..)
  3. What is your hair color? (My hair color is strawberry blonde.. Some people say it's not real.. So I'm living proof!) Btw! If you dye your hair a natural color, just click your real hair color or the color you died it to.
  4. What color are your lips naturally?
  5. What is your skin tone.
  6. Describe your acne!
  7. How are you built?
  8. How are your teeth?
  9. How full are your lips.
  10. What do you think of yourself? (Don't worry.. It doesn't count for anything.)

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