How we'll do you no pretty little liars

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This quiz is for people who think they now quite we'll there facts about pretty little liars. I recommend this quiz for big pretty little liars fans. Hope you enjoy it.

This quiz is everything pretty little liars. It is 100% officiant I promise.if you would like to no on 100 how much you now pretty little liars this is the quiz for you.

Created by: Pllfeed
  1. Who was A in the first season of pll
  2. Who did Hanna date in season 1
  3. Who was A in season 3
  4. Is Alison alive
  5. Does Hanna get run over by a car in season 1
  6. Where did Aria spend a year after Alison went missing
  7. Where did Aria meet Ezra
  8. Does Emily like to swim
  9. What is Spencer's name in real life
  10. How many seasons are there now of pll

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Quiz topic: How we'll do I no pretty little liars