Are you a Pretty little liars pro?

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Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself and let me explain why I made this quiz. Well I'm Manon, from the Netherlands and I'm 14 years old. I made this quiz because I love the serie and it would be fun to know if you're a pretty little liars pro, right?

Pretty little liars is a serie with 4 seasons (the fifth is coming). Warning! If you didn't watch the whole serie, don't do this quiz! There might be some spoilers in here. Do you want to know if you know everything about Pretty little liars? Test it here! Manon

Created by: Manon
  1. What is Aria's last name?
  2. What was Hanna's mother accused of?
  3. Has Spencer been addicted to pills once before?
  4. How many pretty little liars books are there?
  5. Who is Spencers half brother?
  6. What happened when Caleb 'lived' in Hanna's house?
  7. Who thought Ezra was A as first?
  8. Did Spencer and Wren kiss?
  9. What did Alison wear the night she disappeared?
  10. Who's Hanna's step-sister?
  11. Did Aria's mom think that Spencer was dating Ezra Fitz first?
  12. Who does Troian Bellisario play in Pretty little liars?
  13. Did Mona date Aria's little brother, Mike?
  14. What was Spencers reaction when she found out that Alison's still alive?
  15. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Pretty little liars pro?