are you one direction smart~who said it

many people have wach one direction interveiws and video diaries, but did you wach the right ones?! did you pay close attention to them? step up if you dare and find out!!

have YOU wached the one direction video diaries and payed close attention?! How about the one direction interviews? maybe both? well lets test your knowlage right here right now!!

Created by: tori

  1. ok..i'm going to try something i've never seen before!! i'm go to type a quote you tell me who said it!! here we go!"i like girls carrots!!!"
  2. "vas' happining patatos!?"
  3. "shut up loui!"
  4. "harry!! drive more safe!!"
  5. "SHE'S MINE!!!"
  6. "....I"M the real deal!!"
  7. "no! jimmy protested."
  8. "so..this has been our vido diary...come back again!!"
  9. "when a couple of guy's, there were up to no good, stoped to make trouble in my neiborhood...)
  10. "my new years resaloution is to find a speical lady!"
  11. one more!!! "i'd get harry to drive me away!!"

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Quiz topic: Am I one direction smart~who said it