are you one direction smart~ the songs

there are a lot of song to listen to and to sing, and alot of song we take upon yourselves to learn. just like other song one direction songs are the same way! but have you truly learned them?

do you ever cach yourself sing a one direction song? maybe the whole thing or maybe just bits and parts of it. well do you know these songs well enogh to reconize the bits and parts of them that i taype? well lets find out!

Created by: tori

  1. ok so i'm going to type some of one directions lyrics and your going to tell me wich song it is. ok here we go."can we fall one more time, stop the taype and rewind. and if you walk away i know i'll fade, 'cause there's nobody els"
  2. ok how about an easy one!! "if we could only have this life for one more day, if we could only turn back time.."
  3. now this one"baby let me find out you secret, let me in let me show you that i'll keep it, close to my heart, jump in the deep end, let me show you what i'm meann'..."
  4. and..."some are like water and some are the heat, some are the melody and some are the beat, but sooner or later they all will be gone....." I will give you one hint....thats niall's solo!! *blushes*
  5. and..."i'm broken do hear me, i'm blinded, 'cause you are everything i see, i'm dancing alone i'm praying, that your heart will just turn around.."
  6. how about this hard one..."when the angles come, to take me from this world that i was born in i'll say none of you look half as good as my girlfriend in the mornin'" HA! HA! beat that!!
  7. next is..."so c'cmon, you got it wrong, to prove i'm right i put it in a song.."
  8. now..."i'm a theif,i'm a theif,you can call me a theif..i'm a theif,i'm a theif, but you should know your part"
  9. how about...mmmmm.. i know! "well i put up a good fight, but your words cut like knives,and i'm tiered,as you break my hear againg this time..."
  10. nearly there this one has to be the easyiest!! "under the lights to you turned around and stole my heart with just one look...."
  11. almost 2 more... make that 3!! "hands are silent, voice is numb,i try to scream out of my lungs it make this harder, as the tears stream down my face..."
  12. and now..."or els we play, play,play, all the same old games,and wait,wait,wait,for the end to change...."
  13. and.."thank you for showing me who you are underneath, no thank you i don't need another heartly misery, you think i'm doning this to make you jealous,and i know that you'll hate to hear this, but this is not about you anymore.."
  14. once again i lied! one more"is your heart taken, is there somebody els on your mind,i'm so sorry i'm so confused, just tell me am i out of time, is your heart breaking how do you feel about me now.."

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Quiz topic: Am I one direction smart~ the songs