Guess That One Direction Song

There are many One Direction fans out there. Are you one? Do you know there songs very well? Have you listened to all the songs in the album 'Up All Night'?

How well do YOU know One Direction's songs???? Read the lyrics and guess which song it is. If you know all the songs then it shouldn't be a problem:).

Created by: Ellen

  1. "Shot me out of the sky. You're my kryptonite"
  2. "Tell me I'm a screwed up mess
    Than I never listen, listen
    Tell me you don't want my kiss
    That you're needing distance, distance"
  3. "I'm weaker
    My worlds fall and they hit the ground"
  4. "You could be preoccupied
    Different date, every night 
    You just got to say the word 
    You're no into them at all 
    You just want materials 
    I should know because I've heard 
    The girls say... "
  5. "We're like na na na then we're like yeah yeah yeah"
  6. "But I see you with him slow dancing, tearing me apart cause you don't see. Whenever you kiss him, I'm breaking. Oh how I wish that was me"
  7. "Baby you light up my world like nobody else"
  8. "It feels like we've been living in fast forward"
  9. "Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am?"
  10. "From the way that we touch baby. To the way that you kiss on me"

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