are you one diection smart

Many people are smart. Many people think they know one driection, some might say there one direction smart. But what does it truly mean to be one direction smart?! It means you know everything there is to know about them!!

Many people love the one direction hotties, and think they know them. But do YOU REALLY KNOW them?! Why don't we find out!!! have you researcher them enoght to answer my quesions?!

Created by: tori

  1. ok here we go lets try an easy one... what is liams "strang fear"?
  2. which of these are NOT a one diretion song?
  3. in the group nialls the.....
  4. what is the name of louis's pigeon.
  5. who from one direction cuts themselfs.
  6. what is zayns nick name?
  7. ok lets get harder what was nialls imagenary friends name?
  8. if harry had a babby girl what would he want to name it?
  9. who came up with the name of the band
  10. in the x factor vedio dairies what does louis pour in a hat?
  11. wich song did both harry and niall write?
  12. who is nialls dream date
  13. how old was zayn when he had his first kiss?
  14. who is the flirt?
  15. what are some turn ons to niall
  16. ok one last one:( would one direction date there fans?!

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Quiz topic: Am I one diection smart