are you nerdy or athletic?

Are you more of the nerdy type or the athletic type? Or the popular type? Take this tiny quiz to find out! Many people are genius nerdy types while others like sports.

Do you want to find out if your nerdy, popular, athletic or balanced? Thanks to this quiz of cource you will know! This quiz can't predict your future who knows you'll switch!

Created by: blakefiregaze

  1. Do you wear glasses or do you have to wear them?
  2. Do you like phys ed?
  3. Do you like mathematics or science?
  4. If your subject is something else answer here
  5. Whenever you need a partner for an assignment do you get excluded (no one wants to be your partner) and the teacher expects you to be dating
  6. Were you dating in middle school?
  7. Are you on every sports team?
  8. Have you been retained or held back?
  9. What's more your thing
  10. If you answered reading novels in the last question how many pages per day (including a summary/recap; exclude pages you forgotten)
  11. Do you like school?
  12. What do you mainly use your cellphone for?
  13. Do you walk to school, drive/ride to school or public transit?
  14. If you drive/ride to school what's the year of your/your parents car?
  15. Are you a fast sprinter?
  16. Are you good at basketball or volleyball?
  17. How about soccer/football?

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Quiz topic: Am I nerdy or athletic?