l-l-love story 4

Ok well you are sixteen and you have moved from New York, America. You have to go to school the day after you move. You meet 3 great guys there called Cooper, Manny and Kendall.

Cooper-Floppy brown hair, little athletic so he has a 4 pack Manny-Short Blonde Bieber Haircut, athletic has a 6 pack Kendall-Floppy Black hair with a green streak, not athletic at all

Created by: tabsta1

  1. Who did you get in the last quiz?
  2. Well, Class starts and Cooper keeps giving you 'I'm Sorry' glances. You keep on mouthing 'It's ok' back and once your teacher saw the glances. He looked at you both but pretended he didn't see. You were so nervous you were shaking and asked to go to the toilet. You got excused and ran to them. You wet your face to try to stop yourself shaking. When you looked in the mirror...there was someone behind you.
  3. You turned around and see Kendall."uhhhh Kendall...watcha doing in the girl's toilets?" you say. "Just Hanging out. Bunk off with me ______? Please." "No, Kendall. I dont wanna fail my subjects." you say obviously lying because who wouldn't wanna bunk off. He says "At Least lemme show ya sumthin" says Kendall. "Okkkkkk" you say. He drags you off down the corridors. "Kendall, Where are we going?" you say confused. "Youll see" Kendall says. He drags you through a back entrance of the school and you feel like he's gonna drag you way, way far away.
  4. He pulls you into a clearing in the middle of trees. The sun is glinting through like Glitter and theres a rock thats so big, white and translucent a little."Sit on the rock"Kendall says. He pulls in a couple of codes and the rock parts start jumbling around. The rock starts to slowly lower down into the ground.What do you think is down there?
  5. When you get down there to the bottom and you see it's a huge room and you look around but it's so dark you cant see. Kendall gets up and turns on the light and it's a room filled with things of you. There was a rug with your face on it and your names underneath.Shelves of books about your history, Diaries of what you do everyday and Things of what you like and Hate. Then you look at the wall and all there are a pictures of you. There are a couple of normal stuff like a sofa, Table and some food. "Wow! Kendall, How'd you do this?" You ask. "It took some work, mostly yesterday and this morning as i missed most of my classes" he says.
  6. You said "This is amazing, Kendall. But I have to go back to class now otherwisev i'll get in trouble". "Ok" he says and he sounds sad that your going. You sit back down on the rock and levitates you up. Suddenly there's a flash and a lion is sitting next to you. You remember the curse and just watch him for a bit. When the rock gets up to the top of the ground, Kendall turns back into himself.
  7. You run off down the hallways to try to find oyur class. By the time you get back, the bell goes for your next class. You sneak back into the class and get your stuff but before you get out of the class Cooper grabs your arm. "Where were you?" he asks. "Kendall found me in the toilets and took me someplace cool" you say. "Where is it_____?" "I dont know if i can tell you. Youll have to ask Kendall." "Ok" he says.
  8. School finishes so you grab your bag and get ready to walk home. You see Manny and Cooper talking so you start to walk past them to get home. "Hey ______. Wait up. I'll be there in two seconds." Cooper yells. Manny runs after him and says "I spent barely any time with her today...It's my turn." You say "I always walk with Cooper". "Ok" Manny says. You and Cooper walk home in silence. You say goodbye to Cooper and he kisses you gently on the cheek. After you walk into the house.
  9. After school you change into a...
  10. You hear a knock on the door and your mum answers. "________> SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!" she yells. You come downstairs and it's Manny holding a rose. "Hey _____." he says. "Hi Manny" you say back "Watcha doing?" "I thought you and me could spend some time alone. So do you wanna go to the movies with me?" Manny says.
  11. You end up going anyway if you wanted to or not. Now will you be waiting for l-l-love story 5?
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