l-l-love story 3

Ok well you are sixteen and you have moved from New York, America. You have to go to school the day after you move. You meet 3 great guys there called Cooper, Manny and Kendall

Cooper-Floppy brown hair, little athletic so he has a 4 pack Manny-Short Blonde Bieber Haircut, athletic has a 6 pack Kendall-Floppy Black hair with a green streak, not athletic at all

Created by: tabsta1

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  1. When you get in, you lie on your bed and daydream about the boys and try to figure out who you like. But you dont know them well enough so you cant choose yet.Your mum comes in and says "oh good ur back. Now unpack some of your boxes and you'll need to find some new clothes for tommorow." So you unpack some boxes filled with clothes and put them in your chest of drawers and you fall asleep thinking bout it.
  2. The next day you wake up and remember how some of the girls dress at your new school and find something cool. You bring a plain top with a floral skirt and a little cardi. You find some gold wedges with little ribbons and put them on too. You grab a muffin from the kitchen and head out feeling good about yourself. When you get to the cross roads where you met Cooper yesterday, you see him there waiting, leaning on a lamp post. "hey" he says when he sees you. "hi" you say back then biting into your muffin. "You look beutiful" he says back "thanks" "beside biting into the muffin" "hey! i sleep in late so i only have enough time to get ready and eat on the go". "ok ok got it. Hard to adjust?" "Yeah" and you guys continue the convo til you get to school.
  3. When you get to school Cooper says "I'll see you later, Do you wanna have luch with me?" "Sure" you say and he wraps you up into a hug. So you hug him back just for a quick second and then Manny comes over. "Hey ____. We have our first class together." "oh cool" you say. Then he puts his arm round you and says "I want you to meet some people before class...like some girls cuz you can't just be friends with guys" "I was hoping to meet some today" you say. THen the bell goes and he swears "Sorry" he says "I do that when i'm annoyed" "oh" you say. You edge a bit away from him after he said that cause your a bit uncertain.
  4. As you get into class, you see Kendall standing in the back of the class. "HEY KENDALL!" you say waving. Manny frowns that you said hi but Kendall smiles and comes over. "Hey Guys, How are you?" "I'm good" you say. "Fine" says Manny kinda grumbling. You go to Kendall and hug him to be nice.Manny's frown turns intoa scowl now but you don't care. They said you could choose the guy right?
  5. Class starts and you sit down biting your lip. Mabby is sitting on one side of you and Kendall is on the other. But Manny seems to be glaring at him. You pass Manny a not saying 'You Guys said I could choose so I have to be nice to all of you to be able to choose wisely' He looks at it and smiles because finally he understands but he keep trying to make Kendall jealous. He grabs your hand during the lesson and holds onto it.
  6. You don't have any more lessons with the guys so for the rest of the morning, your just walking around in a daze. At LunchTime you walk to the cafeteria and as soon as you step inside they all slide upto you. You say...
  7. You sit with them all and Cooper get's your lunch. They all sit down and look at you. Manny in front of you, Kendall on the right, Cooper on the left."Shall we eat you guys" you say. As you start to eat your food, there still staring at you eith their food untouched in front of them. "Guys!Eat!" you say and they instantly start eating.
  8. You get nervous and once you finish eating, you get up to go to your next class. "Wait,_____. I'll come help you" Cooper says. He rushes next to you and puts his arm round your waist. You edge away and say "Cooper!" "Sorry, I just like you so much...that's all" he says and bends his head looking like he's going to cry. You guys walk into class together and a couple of girls run up to him and start flirting.
  9. You start and to walk off get to your seat, when Cooper snaps the elastic on the back of your bra. "COOPER!" you yell. "SORRY! HABIT!" "With who?" "you know...with pretty girls...but none of them are as pretty as you" "Awwwwwww" says all the girls around Cooper. You just get to your seat and read your textbook to forget about it. Your also trying not to cry because that snap really hurt you.
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  12. Sorry about the wait on this one I was busy so I didnt have time to finsh it til now
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