There are many naruto fans out there but are you naruto crazy? You ask your self, well now you can know for sure with the are you naruto crazy quiz. Take this quiz and find out your true naruto crazy self, oh and we are not just talking about naruto also, Sakura,Rock Lee,Ino, and the whole naruto gang.

This quiz will indicant whether you are a naruto fan or a naruto,not a fan. This quiz is accurate and true, but hay what quiz would lie to you! So take the quiz have fun and see if you are naruto crazy, and share your results with the rest of the world.

Created by: sara

  1. do you throw a fit if you mis a naruto episode?
  2. would you rather watch naruto or go out with friends?
  3. are all your my space friends naruto fans?
  4. have you watched naruto on the internet to find out what would happen next because you did not want to have to wait for the next episode?
  5. do you have naruto all over your my space?
  6. do you have the naruto theme song on you i pod or mp3?
  7. what do you think you results will be?
  8. do you imagine you are talking to a naruto person?
  9. do you think one of the naruto people are hot?
  10. do you bring up naruto when there is not nothing to talk about.

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Quiz topic: Am I NARUTO CRAZY