Silliest, Craziest Quiz

There is only a few Crazy people out there! Crazy could be fun!! You don't have to be sycho crazy to be crazy!! Crazy can also mean just having a ton of fun and being outgoing. Crazy people don't care what other people say!

ARe YOU totally CRAZY!?! Do you have a ton of fun in you! YOU might think you do but after you take this Quiz you will no for sure! GO on TAKE the QUIZ!!!!

Created by: Jennifer

  1. Do you think worms are cool?
  2. Do you like to stick your tongue out when it is raining?
  3. Which bird do you like the most, a Blue jay or a crow?
  4. Do you Believe in Santa?
  5. Which do you like better an iPod or a CD player?
  6. Do you like spinach?
  7. Have you ever tried salt and Lemons?
  8. What is your favorite color?
  9. Do you like to do fun Quizes?
  10. Why are you on this web site?
  11. How many Brothers do you have?
  12. Do you love this Quiz?

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