Do you have a crazy personality?

There are many strange people but everyone is crazy. The truth is I, Lumister are in fact a twelve year old boy with a crazy imagination. When you look around you see ordinary peoiple living their ordinary lives, right? Wrong. In every insignificant mind, there is something more crazy than you can ever imagine.

So see that if your different, and people laugh at you say "you laugh at me cause' i'm different. I laugh at you because your all the same". And with those words you'l see that every one is crazy. But how much, I can not answer. Only you can, when you take this awsome quiz (i'm so modest arn't I?)you will have a happy crazy wierd ritarded awakening.

Created by: Lumister

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you think you are crazy
  3. Do you like stories of pupies butterflies ect.
  4. Do you like stories of the same thing being shot or pulverised?
  5. When talking to people You stand with
  6. When you are siting on a chair you sit with
  7. If someone calles you stupid you will
  8. Do you jump on your bed?
  9. Do you have fake dog crap?
  10. Do you always have the urge to strip and roll around in mud?
  11. If you were to describe youself in one way it would be
  12. Gorrila's are:
  13. Candy is
  14. Video games are
  15. Who is Elton john?
  16. Do you often take these tests?
  17. Lumister is Awsome

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Quiz topic: Do I have a crazy personality?