How will you die?

I Lumister have designed this. Strange twisted test for you. You look around and see ordinary people, living their ordinary lifes, not knowing their next second may be their last. I can tell you what to beware of.

So play this test, for you might be electrocuted by the computer. Yeah right. Anyway take my test and see that even the strangest things where nothing can go wrong, will go wrong.

Created by: Lumister

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your fave music is
  2. Your fear is:
  3. How do you sit on a chair
  4. When you are talking to someone you stand with
  5. Have you been on the verge of death?
  6. If so, how many
  7. Which of these describes your day to day attitude?
  8. Are you sleepy all the time?
  9. Choose a card
  10. Choose a tarot card
  11. Have you ever seen a face or sign in the moon?
  12. Is any one within 2 meters of you?
  13. Do you ever fear someone or something is following you?
  14. Bloody Mary, the screaming knight and other tales scare you?
  15. Your favourite number out of these three is
  16. Pick an element
  17. Do you have any weaknesses?
  18. Is anyone abscessed with you?
  19. Do you have a crush on anyone
  20. Do you have any enemies
  21. You will now be put into a group

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Quiz topic: How will I die?