The most stupidest/randomness quiz ever!

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Smart, stupid, ordinary, derp, strange or a geek? Find out which one you are! This is a really dumb quiz, and I hope you enjoy it! It was fun making cause it was dumb!

Which one are you? Only one result is smart...So, you can find out if you are! I love quizzes! Thanks for looking at this! STUPID GEEK SMART DERP ORDINARY STRANGE!

Created by: TeenTitans#1fan

  1. 2+2=?
  2. 6*9/6=?
  3. Which word?
  4. Happy
  5. *BEEP* *BEEP*
  6. Mr. Giusti is planning a trip to Minnesota to see his beloved Vikings beat the Forty Whiners in football. His class is so nice that they have decided to donate $50.00 each to his trip. The class also had the following fund raisers during the year: Hamburger Sale $45.00 Pizza Sale $86.00 Bake Sale $24.00 Piggy Bank 12 dollars, 17 quarters, 30 dimes and 186 pennies The total cost of the trip is $1,380.00. There are 16 students in the class. How much more money will Mr. Giusti's class have to earn so he can go on his trip?
  7. Blah
  8. Lalalalaalalalalalalala
  9. Solve the riddle! Three eyes have I, all in a row; when the red one opens, all freeze.
  10. Bye

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