Random quiz that you should take!

This quiz will test your opinion, brain, prior knowledge, and of course randomness! For the opinion questions you can see how your ideas match mine. Just be ready for complete randomness!

So find out how ready for the strange things your brain is! Can you get 100%? Find out on this short but strange quiz! And always be ready for the random!

Created by: Math
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  1. Which is better pie or cake?
  2. Have you ever eaten a lemon?
  3. You just ran a whole so what do you refresh yourself with?
  4. What dog would you get
  5. Which colors are primary?
  6. Which are not primary colors?
  7. Longest word?
  8. Which is a real cat breed?
  9. Is cabotage a word?
  10. Is spremondelaphone word?
  11. Is erinaceous a word?

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