Random Question Quiz!

There are many random people in this world and randomness is always an originality. Randomness is the stepping stone of being a prodigy of hard talents.

Are YOU random? How well do you know your facts? This quiz will test your amazing brain and just see if you are part of the randomness club. There's a spot in the randomness club and your name is on it!

Created by: flaminglynx

  1. What color is the "T" in Tetris Battle?
  2. What did a storm chaser hide in to escape from Hurricane Yolanda?
  3. What food was poisoned in book one of the series,"Club CSI"?
  4. Who was rapping in the song, "Troublemaker"?
  5. What year was the "cell phone" invented?
  6. How old was the oldest veteran in the United States of America?
  7. Which state has a missing nuclear bomb on it's coast?
  8. Which star has made the most money?
  9. Which candy is the best for your teeth?
  10. What is the longest word that can be spelled only with the top row of a keyboard?

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