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  • 82% I’m your type, of anyone wants to talk message me on Instagram: bethanyp21

    Bigirl15 Dec 16 '18, 3:53PM
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    LokiCat Jan 6 '16, 3:12PM
  • did you really put negro

    cheesecheddar12 Nov 15 '15, 10:08AM
  • hey, sademogirl, im bi ,if you want to text me that would be cool. i have to know you enough. if you have a gotoquiz account,lets chat.

    i_am_mrs_horan Jul 20 '15, 5:09AM
  • I'm bi and got yes message me on kik my username is sademogirl123

    sademogirl Jun 18 '15, 8:32PM
  • I don't know if I am lesbian or not. I'm only ten

    Poop Fart Dec 13 '14, 5:48PM
  • Well I'm completely your type I guess.
    That's nice.

    TheBasketCase Nov 3 '14, 10:54PM
  • Call me up any time dear.

    TheBasketCase Nov 3 '14, 10:53PM
  • Well I'm completely your type I guess.
    That's nice.

    TheBasketCase Nov 3 '14, 10:52PM
  • Why did you put "Negro" that's kinda offensive ya know.... but this was a cool quiz, I have randomly been checking out quizzes for lesbians and bisexuals, but this is like number 3 out of 10. lol ;)

    MarchBaby Oct 31 '14, 1:09AM
  • You may be my type. It's kind of hard to tell when the only thing I know about you is just from a quiz. :P But yeah, I'm just glad (well I hope) you don't judge me because of my sexuality choice. (:
    You are a sweetheart. Stay proud!

    Gabriellesbian Oct 1 '13, 3:23AM
  • You should text me, and get to each other

    Emmyloumccaig Mar 2 '13, 8:35PM
  • thank you firey soul oh i got 100 you should call me

    Copy n Type Jan 21 '13, 1:00PM
  • Hey! I'm bi and I got yes!

    PLZtakeme421 Jan 13 '13, 10:01PM
  • I'm your type! yay cool.
    I'm bi, by the way.

    weirdo1 Jun 24 '12, 1:22AM
  • Im bi btw 2 bad ur not!
    But ya seem cool.

    narhacutie May 22 '12, 6:34PM
  • be proud of your sexuality. im bi! oh and i got maybe.

    pielovr511 Mar 16 '12, 3:06PM
  • thanks :) great quiz!

    Erasiloria Dec 19 '11, 7:09PM

    wuzzi Dec 16 '11, 6:26PM
  • Yes, You're My Type.(:

    You are definetely my type, girl. I think most of the people that take quizzes on this site are young and straight, but I'm glad you took my quiz and you sound like the kind of person I would like. (:

    wuzzi Dec 16 '11, 6:24PM
  • HAHA Yeah...

    OZZYIOMMI Dec 16 '11, 6:15PM
  • fkfdsjgkl;jgl;

    mandy45s Dec 16 '11, 4:25PM

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