Are you my ex girlfriend?

My ex sucks. Ive known her forever. She's just a total loser. I hope that youre not her. If you are, stop stalking me! Get a life already! And dont tell me about it. Its been 5 years!!

Are you my ex? Are you self centered and a know it all like her. If you are i feel sorry for you. If not, i love you and i would like to tell you how amazing you are!! Enjoy the test! And good luck!

Created by: Britt518
  1. Would you never call me and when i finally called you, act like im annoying you?
  2. Where did we meet?
  3. When my grandma died did you care?
  4. What did you text me about on my birthday?
  5. How far did we get?
  6. What ended our first crappy relationship?
  7. What is the one thing that you never let me forget?
  8. Why the hell do you still flirt with me?
  9. What are your initials?
  10. Are you my ex?

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Quiz topic: Am I my ex girlfriend?