Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone : part 1

soooooo this is a quiz based off the movies not the books so its going exactly the way the movie is made... umm there are changes in here .. just go with it.... ummmmm dont forget to rate and comment tell me whats good and what not.. i dont own anything thats all warner bros and chris colombus and jk rowling and everybody ...... yeahh .. enjoy

ohhh ummm theres alot to read so i hope youre not like super busy and stuff.. the answers you pick have no effect on the result because im lazy and i didnt feel like doing all that work ..

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  1. "I should've known you would be here, Professor McGonagall" ,said Dumbledore "Are the rumors true , Albus ? " " I'm afraid so professor. The good and the bad " he responded. " And the girl ? " replied McGonagall " Hagrid is bringing her ." " Do you think it's wise, Albus, to trust Hagrid with something important as this ? " McGonagall suggested. " I would trust Hagrid with my life. " ,said Dumbledore.
  2. Hagrid arrived with you right next to him in his bike. He flew down and picked you up. " Professor Dumbledore sir. Professor McGonagall" " No problem I trust ?" asked Dumbledore. " No, sir. Little tyke fell asleep just as we flew over Bristol. Try not to wake her. There you go." Hagrid said as he handed you over to Dumbledore. " Do you really think it's wise , Albus, leaving her with these people ? They are the worst sort of Muggles imaginable. They really are--- " explained McGonagall. " the only family she has left" interrupted Dumbledore. " What about the Potter boy ? The boy will be famous. There wont be a child who doesn't know his name" "Exactly. Hagrid has taken care of him. He's far better off living away from all that. Until he is ready. " Dumbledore set you down by the doorstep of the Downey's. Hagrid began to cry. " There, there Hagrid. It's not really good bye after all. " said Dumbledore. He placed a letter on top of you and said : " Good Luck, _________" . Now the adventure begins.
  3. ***********11 YEARS LATER************* You are living in the cupboard under the Downey's staircase when suddenly a loud knock was banging on the door. It was your Aunt Patricia. " Up ! Get up !" , she unlocked your door, " NOW !!" The Downey's were a very chunky looking family, except your aunt. She was the opposite of chunky. When you opened your eyes, little wooden shavings started falling on your head. That was your cousin Duncan runing up and down the stair shouting : "Wake up, cousin ! We're going to the zoo ! " You could hear his ignorant giggles you got out of bed and just as you poked your head out, Duncan pushed you back in the room. He entered the dining room and you could just hear all the love he was getting because it was his birthday. " Awww there he is ! Our birthday boy" said Petunia to Duncan. " Happy Birthday, son" said your Uncle Victor, who was the chunkiest of them all. You eneterd the room and Patricia said : " Why dont you just cook the breakfast and try not to burn anything" " Yes, Aunt Patricia." Even though it was Duncan's birthday, he always got the attention and he was very snobby " I want everything to be perfect for my Duncan's special day" Patricia bragged. " HURRY UP !", said Victor who snapped at you, " BRING MY COFFEE !!" " Yes, Uncle Victor"
  4. You could see all the gifts Duncan got today. More than they have ever given you on your birthday. Only because they forget.. EVERY. YEAR. "How many are there ? " asked Ducan. "36. Counted them myself" said Victor . "36 ?!!?? BUT LAST YEAR I ONLY HAD 37 !!!" shouted Duncan. " Well, yes dear, but some of them were alot bigger than last year. " explained Patricia. "I DONT CARE HOW BIG THEY ARE !!" snapped Duncan. " Okay, pumpkin, how about when we go out, we'll buy you two new presents . Hows that Duncan ? "
  5. You guys were getting ready to go to the zoo. But before you could get in the care, Aunt Patricia pulled you aside " Listen here, if anything happens, any funny buisness, then you wont have any meals for a week. Get in" You guys arrive at the zoo and you guys end up visting the chimps. The chimps were sitting down enjoying bananas minding their own buisness when suddenly Duncan banged on the window. He did it again , but with more force. " Dad, get their attention ! " Victor tapped on the window " Hello ? " but it wasnt enough for Duncan and he banged on the window even louder " HEY !!! " "Leave them alone ! " you said. " They're boring" said Duncan and left with your aunt and uncle to the animals behind them. " Sorry about that, " you said " they dont understand what it's like just sitting there everyday. Watching people press there ugly faces in on you " The chimps looked at you and started jumping "eeeep eppp" said the chimps. " Can.. Can you understand me ? I mean i never talked to a chimp before. I live with 3 bafoons, but i mean can you guys understand people often ? You guys are from central Africa , aren't you ? Is it nice there ? Do you miss you're families ? " The chimps looked around at one another. " Thats me as well, I never knew my parents. " Then suddenly to your shoved and ended up falling to the ground. "Mom . DAD ! Come here ! You won't beleive what the chimps are doing ! " All you could think of was making the glass disappear on Duncan and him fall in with the chimps and then.... Thats exactly what happened and Dudley fell in and landed his face in a pile of chimp poo. The chimps went crazy. Its almost as if they were laughing at Duncan. All the chimps stepped on Duncan to escape and there were a bunch of crazy chimps running through the zoo. When Duncan got up and tried to get out , the glass reappeared and he was trapped inside. With poo still all over his face. " oh no !!! My Duncan Pumpkin !! " cried Patricia. You couldnt help yourself.. You started laughing. Patricia was still whining and complaining that her pumpkin was trapped inside. Then Uncle Victor caught you laughing and gave the the scariest glare you ever saw him give.
  6. You guys arrived home and Uncle Victor took Duncan to get the rest of the poo off his face and Patricia grabbed your shirt with a very tight grip. " WHAT HAPPENED ? " she screamed. " I swear i don't know. One minute the glass was there and then it was gone. It was like magic" you explained. " There's no such thing as magic. " said Patricia as she locked you in the cupboard. The next day you went to get the mail from the letter box. You looked through it and found a letter with your name on it. As you were bringing the other mail to Victor, Duncan snatched your letter from your hand. " Mom ! Dad ! Look, ____________ has a letter ! " "Hey ! Give it back, thats mine. " you said. " Yours ? Who would be writing to you ? " asked Victor. And surely, to their surprise, your name was on that letter.
  7. Days went by and more letters with your name kept coming, but the Downey's just kept doing daily chores and went to work. The next day you heard drilling through your cupboard room door, you opened it just a crack and saw Uncle Victor putting up a board. " No more mail through this letterbox" said Uncle Victor to himself. Then next day was sunday and the Downey's were sitting in the parlor drinking coffee and eating the cookies you were serving on a platter. " Fine day, sunday. In my opinion, its the best day of the week, and why is that ________ ? " asked Victor. " Because there's no post on sundays ? " you answered. " Thats right. No post on sundays, " victor said with a grin, " no blasted letter today ! noo sir, not one single bloody letter ! not one ! " he grabbed another cookie and just as he was about to shove another cookie in his mouth something flew across the room. Then another flew across from out of the fireplace. Then hundreds of letters came flying out of the fireplace and thousands more came through boarded letterbox. It was raining letters. All letters with YOUR NAME on it. It was incredible. It was just like magic. You reached in the air to pick the perfect letter. You grabbed one and ran to the cupboard but Uncle Victor was right behinf you . "Give me that !! GIVE ME THAT LETTER!! " he shouted. He grabbed ahold of you. " There my letters !! Let go of me !! " you screamed. "THATS IT !!! WE'RE MOVING AWAY !! FAR AWAY !! WHERE THEY CANT FIND US !!" " Daddy's gone mad hasn't he ? " Duncan said as he shoved a cookie in his mouth.
  8. You guys rented a small cabin in the middle of the ocean. It was 11:58pm. Victor and Patricia were upstairs sleeping, Duncan was on the couch sleeping. 11:59pm. You had just got done drawing yourself a birthday cake on the ground. 12:00am. Duncan's watch went off. beep beep beep beep. " Make a wish __________ " you said and blew out your pretend candles. Just then a loud bang knocked on the door. Victor came down with a loaded shotgun with Patricia right behind him " Whos there ? " He said in a shaky, cowardly voice. Duncan was up and you were hiding behind the wall. The door fell down and a giant, wide figure was standing in the doorway.
  9. The figure turned out to be Hagrid. He lifted up the door because the.... Its..... The door is broken. Off its hinges.. Anyway.. " Sorry bout that " said Hagrid and he lifted up the door. " I demand you leave at once. You are breaking and entering " said Uncle Victor. " Dry up Downey you great prune ! " said Hagrid as he bended the gun up towards the ceiling. " Boy, I havent seen you since you were a baby __________, but you're bit more along than i would have expected. particularly in the middle" said Hagrid. Duncan thought Hagrid was talking to him.. " Im not-- Im not __________ " said Duncan. You decided to come out from your hiding place and speak up. " I---- I am. " you said. " Well of course you are ! Got something for you. Im afraid im might have sat on it at some point but im sure it will taste fine just the same " ,said hagrid as he handed you a box, " baked it myself words and all ". When you opened it it turned out to be a round pink cake with green frosting that spelled : HAPPY BIRTHDAY _____________. " Thank You " you said. You closed the box and placed on a nearby table. " Its not everyday your yound lady turns 11 now is it ? " Hagrid sat down on the couch, pointed his umbrella at the fireplace then somehow lit up the fireplace. You were speechless. " Exscuse me, but... Who are you ? " you asked. " Rubeus Hagrid. Keeper of games and grounds at Hogwarts" he replied. " Of course you know all about Hogwarts. " he said. " Sorry, no" you said.
  10. "No ? Blimey ___________ didnt you ever wonder where your mum and dad learned it all ? " asked Hagrid. " Learned what ? " you asked.. " You're a wizard ____________. " " A what ? " you asked. " A wizard. And a thumping good one i'd wager once you trained up a bit " Hagrid said. " No you've made a mistake. I mean-- i---- i cant be a wizard. I mean -- im just __________. Just _________ " you explained. " Well, 'just _________ ' did you ever make anything happen when you were angry or scared ? " Hagrid asked. You thought about that time with the chimps.. With the expression on your face, Hagrid figured it out. He handed you a letter. ;).. It read : " Dear Miss ____________, We are pleased to inform you that you've been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. " You read the letter out loud and uncle Victor heard you. " She will not be going. We swore when we took her in we'd put a stop to all this rubbish ! " said Victor. " You knew ? You knew all along and you never told me ? " you asked. " Of course we knew. How could you not be ? My perfect sister being who she was. Ohh i remember the day she got her letter. mother and father were so proud. We have a witch in the family. Isnt it wonderful but i was the only one who saw her for what she was. A freak ! Then she met that Porter and then she had you and i knew you would be the same just as strange just as abnormal. Then she went and got herself blown up. And we were landed with you. " explained Aunt Patricia. " Blown up ?? You told me my parents died in a car crash !! " you said. " a car crash ?!! a car crash killing Lori and John Porter ??!! Its an outrage ! Its a scandal ! " interrupted Hagrid. " We had to say something " explained Patricia.
  11. " She will not be going " demanded Victor. " And i suppose a grat Muggle like you is going to stop me ? " nagged Hagrid. " Muggle ?" you asked. " Non-magic folk", answered Hagrid, " this girl had her name dow since she was born ! She's going to the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world ! and she will be under the finest headmaster that Hogwarts has ever had, Albus Dumbledore" said Hagrid. " I will not pay to hve some crack pot old fool teach her magic tricks !! " screamed Victor. Hagrid pointed the tip of his umbrella towards Victor " never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me" and while this entire conversation was going on , Duncan was eating your cake !! Hagrid casted a spell and a pig tail swirled out on Duncan's butt. Everyone began shouting. Patricia was chasing Duncan, who was running around the house like a pig and Victor was chasing Patricia.. " Id appreciate it if you didnt tell anyone about that at Hogwarts. Strictly speaking we're not allowed to use magic. " Hagrid asked you. "OK" " We're a bit off behind schedule. Best be off. Unless you'd rather stay of course ? " asked Hagrid. You grabbed your sweater and headed out the door with Hagrid.

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