Are you a great sorcerer or a lofty magician?

There are many smart villagers, but only few possess strength when it comes to mana power. What is a sorcerer? A sorcerer is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind. FF fans are just that, especially those interested in such small things as Sorcery!

Are you knowledgeable in magick or magic? Do you have the stamina and skill to qualify for the prestigious title of Great Sorcerer? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this mini quiz, you will find out!

Created by: khaxzan
  1. You come across a skunkbear. The last thing you need is to have it soil your newly purchased armour. You must do something to divert it!
  2. The ground is collapsing beneath you. There is a ledge some meters away- you will have to jump!
  3. Iaijutsu + Fast Hands + DOZ =
  4. ZEN + KID + E.S.P =
  5. The door opens on well-oiled hinges and you are in a pitch black passageway. You may cast a spell if you wish:
  6. The Black Grimoire is no different than the Sorcery! Spell Book. They are identical; they just have different titles.
  7. As a mere human, you understand that wizardry can create strife and stamina loss. With these 4 spells, you are more than likely to lose up to __ stamina points casting them in a sequence. HOT, SIX, YOB, and ZED. Now add them up and choose your answer.
  8. You're battling a Claw Beast and cannot escape! During this battle you will:
  9. A necromancer and a warlock are the exact same in attack strength?
  10. Collapsible cages kills pigeons.
  11. You mess up on a trick and the bunny you tried to make reappear is missing.
  12. To communicate with most animals and understand a variety of languages you would most likely need the aid of:

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Quiz topic: Am I a great sorcerer or a lofty magician?