Do you know Harry Potter

Some people think they got the license to go around telling people, "No he didn't Harry Potter put the Cerberus to sleep with the flute!" they aren't the Harry Potter freaks,but you can test if you are!

Are YOU a Harry Potter freak? Do you have the books piled up in your room? Well you can express how you think Harry Potter's world is going by taking this quiz!

Created by: Sydney

  1. How old was Harry when Voldemort killed his parents?
  2. Who does Harry live with that he hates?
  3. How does Harry get to platform 9 and 3 quarters?
  4. Who are Draco Malfoy's protectors?
  5. Who is Harry Potter's messenger owl?
  6. Who is Harry Potter's messenger owl?
  7. What are Harry Potter's house colors?
  8. Who is the Headmaster of Hogwarts?
  9. what is the first book called?
  10. What is the creature called that has front legs f an eagle, and rear and hind legs of a horse?

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