Can You Outsmart Me

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I hope you like my quiz I was only 8 years old when I made it and it took me forever because I couldn't figure out this quiz maker thingy so well that's it I hope you like all my results even if you got the results says loser

I hope you love my quiz even if you got the results the results that I tell you you were outsmarted by me which would never happen because I put extremely easy questions in there

Created by: Amy
  1. What are hotdogs made out of
  2. What is a common breakfast
  3. What can God be known as
  4. Which number is the oldest
  5. What do people do when they like each other
  6. I'm out of questions so you can pick this one would you rather
  7. Psych you got to do both how old are you
  8. Who do you love
  9. Are you excited to hear your result
  10. Last one are you happy that it's the last one or do you want to keep going
  11. Not the last one I lied boohoo sucks for you that is unless you picked no

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Quiz topic: Can I Outsmart Me