Love in a beat! pt.6

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Hello it's me. I been wondering after all these years you finally want to meet. To go over everything! Hello from the other side! I must have called a thousand times!

I hope you like it! :) It has no Emily in it. Sorry. :( I hope you like it! :) If your reading this then type in the song I typed up in the first paragraph!

Created by: GirlyGothic
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  1. I sat by her. She put the baby in my arms and smiled. I held the baby and said,"Hi I'm your oldest sister. Hello It's me Raven." Mom soon took the baby and I went to my room.
  2. I turned on my stereo and got ready for bed. The next morning I woke up and went downstairs. I made me a bowl of cereal and pressed play on my MP3. After breakfast Mom came in with Edward.
  3. I said,"Good morning." She said,"Good morning. You seem happy. What's up?" I smiled and said,"Jerry and I are going to Sonic today for our 3rd date." She smiled and said,"OK. Cool!" I smiled and went up stairs.
  4. I pressed 'Radio' on my stereo. I layed on my bed and relaxed. Then Ellie King:Xs and Os came on. I smiled and swunged my leg off the bed. Then my sister knocked on my door.
  5. I got up and opened the door. She said,"Sister. I need advice on first,you know. How do you get rid of the pain?" I said,"Simply by doing yoga." She said,"Thanks."
  6. I smiled and closed the door. I went back to my bed. Then there was another knock on the door. I groaned and answered it. It was Mom with Dad. They said,"Get dressed we're going next door." I said,"OK."
  7. I knew who was next door,Jerry. I giggled and got dressed. I pulled out a Icon For Hire shirt with a pair of black tights. I grabbed my pink heels and got dressed.
  8. I came downstairs and laughed. Mom looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.We went next door and my dad knocked on the door. Jerry's dad answered it with the baby.
  9. He saw me and said,"Hey Raven. Jerry's awake. Is this your family?" Mom looked at me shocked. She said,"Your bae lives next door!" I said,"Yes." She went inside with Dad,Crow,and I behind.
  10. Jerry came downstairs and smiled. He said,"My queen." I smiled and said,"My king." He soon came to me and put his arm around me. I kissed his cheek,then he kissed mine.
  11. Then it came time for us to go home. He said,"My dad will pick you up at 6:00. OK?" I said,"OK." Then we went home. Mom said,"So. That's Jerry." I said,"Yes,it is."
  12. Jerry's dad picked me up and we went to Sonic. We ate chicken sandwiches and ordered ice cream. He said,"So,how was your day?" I said,"Good,you?" He said,"Good as well." Then we went home.
  13. Cliff-hanger.

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