Are you like me?

Hi!!I made this quiz to see if you are like me!!!Soooooo u might be my lost sister or brother and this quiz is for boys and girls so just you know.Cya!:)

Ok so on so I'm gonna tell you a short story:Once upon a time(lol its fiction)wait that wasn't part of the story!!Gosh that wasn't either and this isn't either!I'll stop now.o.O

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

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  1. Fav color?
  2. Fav Power?
  3. Fav animal?
  4. What's your favorite type of clothes you wear?
  5. Hair color?
  6. Eye color?
  7. Fav male singer.
  8. Fav female singer.
  9. Dream place
  10. Ready for results?!$.$
  11. Byez!!!!!
  12. Crap!Forgot a question to ask:Fav food?
  13. Fav tv show??

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Quiz topic: Am I like me?