Somebody Special Part 13

Hi! So this is Part 13 of the series, "Somebody Special". There WILL be another game in around November and I'm verry excited about that! So thanks for taking the quiz and I hope you like it!

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino,He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes. Matt is a new character with tan skin, brown hair, and forrest green eyes

Created by: dannicuhh :3
  1. Jerimiah helped me up from the bed. My first steps were a bit wobbly at first, but at the smell of food, I quickly walked into the main room of the suite. "Thanks." I heard Dakota say as one of the hotel waiters gave him his order for room service. "Oh hey, _____. How are you feeling?" Dakota asked me as he set his food on the table. "...hungry." I replied putting on my puppy dog eyes. "Oh, well that's too bad." He responded with a grin. He made me laugh, and I sat down next to him at the table. "So what you got there?" I inquired. "Hm, just a small snack. We're going out to eat soon. It's a BLT." He replied. "Oh." I said. BLT's were seriously one of my favorite sandwiches of all time. Dakota pushed the plate towards me. "Here, have it." I kissed him on the cheek because it felt appropriate for giving up such a gorgeous looking sandwich for me. "aw, shucks. Stawp it, you." He said with flirty smile. I gave out a big laugh, and blushed a bit. "Can I go out with you guys?" Asked a timid Scarlett. I totally forgot she was here. "Of course you can! We wouldn't just leave you here all alone while we go out and eat." Matt said. Scarlett blushed. "thank you." "Wait, where are we going to eat?" Valetnine asked. "Well...," started Elijah, "since we did kind of miss your birthday, we're going out to a really nice, expensive place just for you." Valentine bear hugged Elijah and they both kissed. "get a room." Emma said sarcastically. I smiled. I glanced at Emma and she gave me a weird look. Bad vibes. That's when I realized that Jay wasn't in the room. Of course I panicked because who knows, he could be sprawled on the bathroom floor again cutting himself.
  2. I fast-walked to the bathroom, the first thing that came to my mind and tried opening the door. It was locked. I started knocking on the door repetively saying, "Jay, jay! Open the door!" I heard the sink go on and after 30 seconds it went off. The bathroom door opened and there stood Jay, cute as ever, standing there giving me an awkward look. "Geez, there's another bathroom you know?" I sighed in relief. "I thought you know, cutting again." I said with a lowered voice. "No, I wasn't. Honestly. And if you don't believe me then you can check my wrists." He said, holding out his arms. "No it's okay. I believe you. I'm sorry for assuming too much." I said. He nodded. It was such an awkward moment. "Hey, feel my shirt." He said. I shrugged and felt it. "Know what that's made of?" Jay asked me. "No, what?" I asked curiously. "...boyfriend material." He said with a grin. I started laughing because that was one pick up line I have never heard before. "What a corny way to break that awkward moment." I told him as we were walking back to the main room. "I thought it was appropriate." He replied with a smile. "So what's up with that Jacob kid? He just appeared out of nowhere. Do you know him?" I hesitated, but I told him my connection to him. "Oh, so you used to like him..." Jay said. "Yeah. Used to." I didn't want to tell him my hunch that wasn't really Jacob. I figured I'd tell somebody when Jacob wasn't in not in hearing distance. "We should get ready to go out to dinner." Valentine suggested. "Wait, is it formal?" Taylor asked. Thank goodness he asked that too or else we would have gone to a really nice restaurant and I'd only be in jeans. "Yeah, it's really high class. It's like on the other side of Hawaii." Elijah said with a small smile, glancing at Valentine, her red hair perfect as ever. "I don't have anything to wear." Scarlett said. "No worries, you can borrow any of our clothes." I said to her with a friendly smile. I showed her the room and the closet. She picked out a really cute, blue dress that really complimented her eyes. As for myself, I put on a floral dress with a belt and I curled my hair. I looked pretty good. Self esteem + 100. And then I saw Valentine. Her hair looked so elegant in a way I can't even explain. She wore classy red lipstick that went along great with her hair aswell. Her dress was white with a very casual yet fancy look to it. Self esteem - 600.
  3. I waited there with the rest of the group in the main room while we were waiting for Scarlett. Jacob was sitting next to me and I highly disliked it. As long as he's here, I've got to keep my eyes open and my guard up 24/7 not only for me, but for my friends. Scarlett walked out of the room in a dress I didn't even know I had. It was red, strapped dress with a ruffled flower that was by her left shoulder. It was so pretty on her. Her long hair was curled and then she did this cool waterfall braid along the side of her head with her hair. Everyone seemed to be hypnotized just like the very first time I saw her. "I-I guess we should go now." Matt said, blushing a little bit. Scarlett's blue eyes gazed at Matt and I could totally tell that this girl was so into him.
  4. I closed behind the door behind us and we headed to the elevator. The hall of the hotel was actually really nice. It gave you a refreshed feeling. I heard the beep of the elevator and went inside. Taylor pressed the button labeled "LOBBY" and we descended down. "Who's paying?" I asked, since I didn't have any money. "Eli is. Right, babe?" Valentine said, holding on tightly to Elijah's arm. "Yup." He replied taking out a wad of cash out of his pockets . The elevator doors opened and as I was about to go out, I bumped into the person that was waiting to go in. "Oh, I'm sorry." I said with a friendly smile. "Oh, it's no problem." The guy said. He was in his early 20's with golden blonde hair. When we bumped into eachother he seemed to have dropped something, but he didn't notice. I bent down to pick it up and saw that it was a clown mask. I picked up the mask and recognized it immediately. The man snatched the clown mask from me and gave out a forced smile. He power walked into the elevator and started rapidly pressing the button that closed the elevator doors. "Wait!" I exclaimed. I pressed the button for the elevator to come back, but it was too late.
  5. "We have to get him!" I told everyone. "No _____, you don't understand," Dakota said as he bent over to pick a piece of paper up. He handed me a card that read, "Krabby the Clown! For parties, please call the following number..." I felt so stupid. I was so paranoid about that clown, I could literally still feel the pain I felt when that dagger dug into my leg. I was so paranoid, but who could blame me? That guy seemed pretty suspicious! I feel bad now too because I bet I freaked out Scarlett and Jacob. Well, I didn't care about Jaocb, but yeah. "Did I cause I scene?" I asked. "Not really. We should get out of here though." Jerimiah said, taking hold of my hand. Jay shot him a look, and I tried keeping my focus on my shoes. "Ladies first." Elijah said, holding the door open for Valentine who was soon followed by the rest of the girls and me. There was a man outside of the hotel holding a sign that read, "Mr. Woodley & Miss Bloomings." The man was wearing tux and he was standing in front of a pretty swagged out car. "Hi, I'm Elijah Woodley...who sent this car?" The man put the sign down, cleared his throat, and said, "A Mr. Bentley Carter sent this car. You childen may call me Mr. Greens, I will be your chaeffur for the rest of your...road trip." He said eyeing each one of his individially. "Oh...ok thanks." Valentine said, knowing that Bentley was apparetly 'no where to be found'. Mr. Greens opened the door and everyone climbed in.
  6. The seats were leather, and at first you smelled that 'new car' scent which later turned into sweet vanilla and cinnamon. "Where are we going on this fine evening?" Asked Mr. Greens. "Um, Alan Wong's Restaurant please." Elijah replied. "That place is the best restaurant on this island, do you kids have enough money for that?" Mr. Greens asked. "Yes, don't underestimate us 'kids'." Elijah shot Mr. Greens. The chaffeur started driving without saying another word. "So are we still going to Disneyland?" asked Emma. "Hopefully. I want to." Valentine said. "We will. We just need to find the right now." Elijah told her reassuringly. They were so cute together. "Hey, after dinner I was thinking maybe we could go to the carnival." Taylor suggested. "There's a carnival here?" Dakota questioned. "Yeah, I was talking to the concierge because I was 'disturbing the hotel environment' and I saw a pamphlet for the carnival. Today is its last day so we should go." Taylor explained. "Yeah that sounds like fun!" Scarlett exclaimed in delight. "Then ok, we should go." Matt said with a smile towards Scarlett. Sparks were definitely flying between those two. I just hope Matt doesn't fall to hard because we once we find the clue she wont be able to go with us to our next location. The next 24 minutes was filled with laughter and joking around. It actually felt like a regular Saturday night with my friends back home.
  7. The car came to a stop and Mr. Greens opened the door for us; which was really unecessary. The restaurant was so nice from the outside. "Do you want to join us, Mr. Greens?" Valentine asked him. "Really?" He asked. "Yeah...unless you just want to stay in the car and get McDonald's or something. We have a lot of room." She said reassuringly. "Well, if you insist." Mr. Greens said. I could tell he excited though. We entered the restaurant and felt the coolness of the AC on our faces. "Hello, welcome to Alan Wong's, how many is in your party?" Asked the waitress. " 12 I think." Emma said. "Ok, please follow me." The waitress said with a smile. We followed her into a nice dining hall past satisfied guests who were eating and sat down. We ordered our drinks and food and patiently waited.
  8. So the food was great. It was probably some of the best food I've ever eaten in my life, and everybody was surely satisfied. When it was time for dessert some waitors brought out some baked alaska and lit it up while everybody else sang a cheery Happy Birthday to Valentine. She was really happy. And now, we're on our way to the carnival. It was a really good thing my dress was a little loose in the stomach area because it seriously needed the room from the food that was slowly digestiing. The car stopped and everyone got out. Mr. Greens seems to be way nicer to us now that we've invited him for dinner. It doesn't seem like he judges me when he looks at me now. The carnival lights were magical. They were red, green, yellow, and blue. They were entangled upon the palm trees and sky lanters filled the air in a romantic, dreamy way. There were bouncy house, those big bouncy slides, boothes for games, and assortments of snacks from churros to poi in a coconut.
  9. We got out tickets and wristbands and then Valentine and Elijah went off together to enjoy the carnival without the rest of the group. I'll excuse them for that since it was Valentine's birthday. The rest of us stood there huddled in a cirlce waiting for somebody to take the lead. But no. "Scarlett, do you want to go to the ferris wheel with me?" Matt asked a bit timidly since he was afraid of rejection. Surprised at first, Scarlett nodded her head and said, "Yeah! I'd love to!" She was so cute. Grinning, Matt took her hand and led her to the way of the ferris wheel of which I didn't even realize it was there. And so here we are. Jerimiah, Jay, Dakota, Taylor, Emma, and me. I glanced up at Emma, but of course she gave me some more bad vibes so I just figured I'd ignore her for the rest of the night. "Dakota, will you come to one of the bouncy houses with me?" She asked with a smile. Wait, what? Is she into Dakota now? I was seriously expecting her to ask Jerimiah, but Dakota? We're going to have some fun together on this 'road trip'. Not like I was jealous or anything. So now it was just Jerimiah, Jay, Taylor and me. How awkward was that? " you guys want to go to the petting zoo?" I asked them, trying to break the ice. I just couldn't pick one of them and leave the other two together. I'd feel really bad. "Wait, what happened to Jacob?" I asked them.
  10. Everyone looked around, confused. "I don't know. He was in the car when we came here. Who knows, maybe he just wanted to do the carnival solo." Taylor suggested. I doubted that. And then I told them my hunch about Jacob not being the real 'jacob.' Everyone's expressions then got all serious. "What? Then what do you think he is?" Asked Jay. "It's not what I think he is. It's who I think he is." I said. Suddenly the noise around the carnival got loud to the max. I could see Scarlett and Matt sitting on the very top of the ferris wheel. They were laughing, smiling, but for some odd reason I could hear their conversation. "Why do you like me?" Asked Scarlett, holding onto Matt's hand. "Because you're so humble. The way your eyes lit up when you get excited. How you're so shy around people you're not comfortable with. How you don't know how beautiful you really are..." with that, Matt leaned in and kissed Scarlett right on the lips.
  11. Then everything went back to me. I was there for a couple seconds until I could suddenly hear everybody's thoughts. But it was one voice that stood out to me. It was that one voice that made goosebumps on my arms. It was that one voice, that one person that I met in the luau. That one voice was Bentley. And it those words that completely took me over. His whisper overcame everthing that was coming at me. "Help me."

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