Which narnia character would you go out with

Have you ever watched the three narnia films and though " WOAH MAN ! THERE SEXY ! " ? If so, now the time has come to find out which pevensie child you would go out with . A dream come true

Would you go out with the brave and courageous Peter ? Or maybe his intelligent and beautiful sister Susan ? Possibly their brave and loving brother Edmund ? Perhaps their cute, kind, sister Lucy who's as sweet as candy ?

Created by: Chester Cogley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who is sexiest
  2. What hair colur would you like your boyfriend / girlfriend to have ?
  3. What eye colur would you like your boyfriend to have ?
  4. What age of boy / girl would you like to go out with ?
  5. What would you do together ?
  6. How are your levels in school ?
  7. Which one do you want to go out with ?
  8. Who do you think you'll go out with ?
  9. How are you feeling about your results ?
  10. Rate this quiz . 5 is best . 0 is worst .

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