Are you in love

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Many people mistake love as lust well I'm here to make the clarification. So are you in love, and if so how badly do you have the love fever, is it taking you over. Find out here!!

Are you In Love, do you get the butterflies? The tingles? The nervous feeling? well Come find out here. I'll let you know in less then 10 minutes right here!!

Created by: gwengupton

  1. Do you get nervous around him/her
  2. Do you think about them often?
  3. How long have you known him/her?
  4. Why do you like/love them?
  5. Are you two in a relationship?
  6. Are you happy with him/her?
  7. Do you smile around them a lot?
  8. How do you greet them?
  9. Pick an object
  10. pick a number
  11. Hi!!
  12. Pick your favorite name
  13. whats you're fav color
  14. Finally, do you think you love him/her?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love