which guy will you fall in love with

You are about to go to a gorgeous mansion with 4 cuties! You have a month to pick which one you want to be with! There's Seth, Alex, Josh and my personal favorite Adam. But beware of the jealous idiot, Gavin.

Seth is tall and popular. He's athletic and uper HAWT! Josh is cute and hilarious! He has everyone constantly laughing! Adam is so sweet, adorable and smart. His smile makes you melt! Alex is so him! He's different and makes you feel soo at home! So, which guy will you fall in love with?

Created by: rebe
  1. Okay, so your at the mall with your BFF. You spot some guys. Which one catches your attention?
  2. Then, you black out. When you wake up the four guys are staring at you. "Are you okay?" asks Josh you think
  3. "You're probably wondering why you're here," Seth says. You were kinda wondering that! "Well, Adam continues, "We've been watching you for awhile, and we all like you. We want to keep you here for a month and let you decide who you want to date." Alex helps you help, you think
  4. They lead you to a room that's covered head to toe in everything you've always wanted. The boys all leave except for Seth. You plop on your bed and see Seth standing there when he locks the door. "Hey Baby," he says, then sits down beside you. He starts kissing you. You think...
  5. He pulls away, and stares into your eyes. He then stands up, winks and leave. What will you do next?
  6. You walk out of your room after doing whatever you decided to do. You try to walk downstairs when you hear laughter. You walk into a door and see Josh and Adam. Josh is telling jokes and Adam is getting a kick out of them. "Hey cutie," Adam says giving you a peck on the check and he takes your hand on the bed while Josh tells jokes. You think...
  7. "Hey girl I got my library card and I am checking you out!" Josh says to you and gives you a quick kiss on your lips.
  8. Josh finishes telling you another joke, and you are laughing so hard you have to go to the bathroom! You leave and try to find the bathroom. You take a wrong turn and end up in Alex's bedroom. He's sitting on his bed playing XBOX with his friends. "Salutions!" He says pausing his game, "Sit down." you sit down and he brushes the hair out of your face. He leans in and the two of you kiss. You're thinking.
  9. The door opens, and of course it's Adam. He looks kinda of upset and walks away. You follow him, and ask what's wrong. He doesn't ask through words, but with a kiss. He's a really good kisser. You're thinking
  10. He walks away and you try to follow him. You end up walking outside where you see someone you've never ment before. "Look ____, my name is Gavin. I'm in love with you more then anyone else in this house. Leave them for me," Then he pushes you aganist the wall and kisses you. You smack him and he looks really upset...
  11. "You'll regret that ____" Gavin says.... CLIFF HANGER! Who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I fall in love with