Are you Hoshina Utau or Hinamori Amu?

This quiz is made based on the characters of shugo chara. Hoshina Utau is a fourteen-year old superstar cum worker for easter.She actually has the desire to be free from evil easter but due to pressure from her mean boss Yukairi sanjou,who threatens Utau using her brother, Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Utau's real surname is thus tsukiyomi and not hoshina. Utau's name means "sing" in Japanese.

Hinamori Amu is a 6th grader,(12 years old.)her lifestyle is very extremely different from Utau. She is a determined and special girl who truly wants to be honest. Amu likes Tadase the most, but she also seems to have a crush on ikuto(utau's brother)kukai and kairi. I know you must be pretty confused about what I'm talking about right now, so do go to youtube and watch the anime!

Created by: dandan
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  1. Your friends invite you to a party.
  2. You see the boy you like coming down the aisle he asks you whether you've seen his friend.You:
  3. You saw a goth punk drawing on the wall and think:
  4. are you enjoying this quiz?
  5. Your classmate shows off her brand new phone she waves it in your face. you:
  6. Im getting real bored..
  7. which sounds nicer? a)Nightmare lorelei. b)Shining star.
  8. Final question. do you like singing or daydreaming better?
  9. HAHA! tricked you! how do you feel?
  10. ok which do you like better? a)bat b)angel c)both

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Quiz topic: Am I Hoshina Utau or Hinamori Amu?