Are you his "plan B"?

When you are someone's "plan B", it means that they are only interested in you if the person they actually want to date, doesn't want to date them. So basically they get you to fall in love with them, string you along, and then either leave you heart broken if they can get the girl/guy/non-gendered person they want or date you but treat you badly cause they don't actually love you. Either way. It'll end bad....unless you can stop it before it happens!

Are YOU a plan B? Does the guy who flirts with you, acts interested in you, and talks with you actually want to date you or are they just playin? Take this quiz to find out! (PS, it might be useful not to put "unsure" for every question)

Created by: HelpMe
  1. True, False, or unsure? He only seems to have a meaningful conversation with you after his heart has been broken.
  2. True, false, or unsure? Sometimes I am unsure if he is actually single, considering how much he spends time with another girl/guy.
  3. Who starts the conversations?
  4. True, false, unsure? He used to compliment you a lot and spend lots of time with you, but now he says he's busy
  5. What time of the day do you two have the longest conversations?
  6. True, false, or unsure. He has more conversations with you online than in real life
  7. Does he seem to have actual interest in what you have to say?
  8. True, false, or unsure. He'll ignore you from days to weeks at a time but then suddenly will show complete interest in you again.
  9. True, False, or Unsure? He talks to you like a friend for a long time, but then suddenly act emotionally attached to you. Telling you that he missed talking to you and wants to start dating you (or similar things).
  10. Does he seem emotionally attached to you?
  11. True or false? He very hard to relate to, understand, and know what he's thinking.
  12. If you say "I love you" through text, how does he respond
  13. Does he talk about his likes, interests, hobbies, etc with you?
  14. Does talk about his feelings, problems, worries, etc with you?

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Quiz topic: Am I his "plan B"?